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Schoolgirl wearing headphones communicates via video link with an online teacher sitting at home

Cedar Rapids Virtual Academy delivers a personalized learning experience to develop a learner’s plan, pathway, and passion for their future through a remote environment.

Cedar Rapids Virtual Academy (CRVA) Encompasses…

Learner Agency: Learners are active participants in the design, experience, and outcomes of their educational journey through an innovative digital learning environment.

Personalized, Relevant, and Contextualized: Learners build on their passions, strengths, needs, family, culture, and community.

Open Walled: Learners capitalize on learning in different places, times, and environments.

Competency-Based: Learners work toward competency and mastery of standards at different paces.

Socially Embedded: Learners experience meaningful relationships and learning with family, peers, experts, and community members

“As a student with a day job, I needed to take my classes online, and CRVA is an amazing option for students in need of flexibility in their acadmic careers.”

CRVA senior

Local, rigorous, flexible, and supportive educational environment that meets our students’ unique needs and ensures students are college & career ready.

Dan Devore