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At CRVA Middle School, we believe in developmentally appropriate and rigorous learning. We offer a continuum of options to meet the diverse needs of our learners. A learner’s schedule is based on our “Personalize Learner Support Plan.” As we foster more learner agency, our continuum of options becomes more learner-driven. Our schedule is based on the core curriculum blocks and CRCSD course offerings for middle school students. Teachers will have the flexibility to schedule “live” and “on-demand” learning that best meets the needs of their students and still hold true to the design principles of CRVA. Parents and guardians must have the understanding, as well as the flexibility throughout the day to effectively supervise and support their student(s) with “live” and “on-demand” learning.

Current CRCSD students are eligible to enroll full-time in CRVA. Students will take between 5 and 7 courses per semester. Students can enroll full-time in CRVA (5 to 7 courses). Students with a full-time CRVA schedule are eligible to take performing arts, PACT, or CTE courses at the resident school, space permitting. Students will also be able to participate in any clubs, sports, or other extracurricular activities.

Middle School Students will have access to:

-Menu of options for synchronous and asynchronous schedule
-Daily scheduled advisory check-in
-Dell 2-in1 3100 Chromebook
-Core curriculum of Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies taught by CRCSD teacher
-Exploratory curriculum taught by CRCSD teachers
-Optional In-Person learning opportunities
-Opportunity to participate in attendance center’s activities and athletics

Responsibilities and commitments graphic

Responsibilities and Commitments


  1. Attend all direct instruction sections via Google Meet (unless a designated excused absense)
  2. Complete all independent practice activities and assignments
  3. Come to class prepared, organized and ready to learn
  4. Adhere to CRCSD’s acceptable use policy and behavior expectations
  5. Complete monthly advising session with the teacher


  1. Provide age-appropriate supervision during independent practice time that is not directly supervised by a teacher
  2. Enable the student to attend all direct instruction sections via Google Meet and follow the district schedule for virtual learning
  3. Monitor the student’s progress on independent practice and assignments, including district recommended online programs
  4. Engage in two-way communication regularly with the students’ teacher and in monthly check-ins wiht student’s classroom teacher
  5. support student with creating an organized learning space to complete academic activities that align wiht CRCSD’s video conferencing guidelines
  6. adhere to CRCSD’s acceptable use, attendance and behavior polices


  1. Design and deliver effective online instruction that is engaging and incorporates frequent assessment and feedback
  2. Deliver CRCSD’s guaranteed and viable curriculum adhering to district vitual learning schedule
  3. Engage in two-way communication regularly with the student and their parent(s)/guardian(s) and faciltate structured family check-ins with the student and parent/guardian at least once a month
  4. Monitor the student’s overall academic progress
  5. Willingness to teach a grade level/content that is not aligned to your in-person assignment but aligned to your certification
  6. Adhere to CRCSD’s acceptable use policy and board policies
  7. Fulfill employee “Work from Home Agreement” and contractual duties